Ira Harritt on budget priorities

On May 5, 2011, Ira Harritt, Program Coordinator for AFSC in Kansas City, discussed the need for new budget priorities on the Heartland Labor Forum, part of KKFI community radio in Kansas City. Ira’s segment is about halfway through this link:

Tax Day in NOLA

AFSC worked with community, student and faith groups in New Orleans on Tax Day. Make the Rich Pay, Jobs not War!

Tax Day in Cleveland

AFSC and 15 other groups held Tax Day events in Cleveland April 15-16, check out their stunning visual displays here!

Rainy Tax Day in the Bay Area — holding a banner showing the 60% of the federal discretionary budget that goes to the military.

Rainy Tax Day in the Bay Area — holding a banner showing the 60% of the federal discretionary budget that goes to the military.

Excellent analysis from Linda Bilmes, the co-author of The Three Trillion Dollar War

GDAMS in the Bay Area

A report from AFSC Bay Area:

On April 12th groups from throughout the Bay Area leafleted at BART stations with an 8 pg leaflet, “This Economic Crisis: The Military Budget and Us”  We were at 16 stations and passed out over 7000 leaflets. 

We held a press conference at noon in front of the Federal Building in Oakland.  It was a lively small rally including a statement by Barbara Lee’s staff, Ricci Graham, a statement from Alameda Co., Supervisor Keith Carson and many community activists including Stephanie Miyashiro who recounted the impact of the budget cuts on the handicapped community, Jabari Shaw who is the past President of the Black Student Union at Laney Community College,  Rev. Woodson from the Bay Area Christian Connection, Mustafa Popal a Professor of History at Alameda CC, Jurena Storm who is a Peralta District Student Trustee, Pablo Paredes who is a parent representative at Franklin Elementary school and AFSC staff, and Michael Eisenscher from US LAW and New Priorities Campaign of Northern CA.

NYT editorial weighing in on cuts to the military budget!

Tax Day with Chomsky in Boston

AFSC and local partners in Boston had a program with Noam Chomsky and Pakistani journalist Beena Sarwar at Boston University. Paraphrasing Chomsky:  Tax Day should be a day when we celebrate all that we are doing to create programs and to serve members of our communities and our families — but in our society, with military spending and the inequities, it is something else.  See more here.

Tax Day in West Virginia

AFSC in West Virginia did a tax day protest with local partners focusing on tax fairness and unpaid corporate taxes — they got some great media too, check out this story on West Virginia Public Radio.

The Wall Street Journal even agrees that Ryan’s budget is a mean-spirited attempt to further heighten economic inequality.